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flylogs_com Mar 31 at 06:52pm CEST

We have published more information about the new audit trails feature.
Read more in our FCOM:

flylogs_com Mar 30 at 08:57pm CEST

We have enhanced the audit trail tools for flight changes! Now you can easily access any previous version of a confirmed flight, complete with comments and author info.
A game-changer for aviation industry transparency! 🛫✈️ #aviation #flightaudittrail

flylogs_com Jan 27 at 06:24pm CET

Read about our newest feature, the automatic Duty time calculator and alerting system for your flight crew:

flylogs_com Jan 14 at 05:54pm CET

Flylogs now automatically calculates your pilot's duty times and sends warnings if any is over time according to your CAA rules!

flylogs_com Jan 01 at 05:29pm CET

Happy new year aviators!!! 2023 is a year packed with new ideas and new features arriving to!
We start the year with the new flight hour package management system uploaded!

flylogs_com Jul 01 at 10:38am CEST

We have increased the included storage limits. Free accounts have now 10Gb space, and Premium accounts, can store documents up to 100GB!

flylogs_com May 04 at 12:51pm CEST

We have published the last company settings update for the billing enhancements. Setup your billing settings once from your company settings page.
Default user to bill, VAT % and default prices for fuel, handling, airport expenses and others.

flylogs_com May 03 at 09:56pm CEST

The billing system enhancements are finally here. More options to customize bill expenses and Value Added Tax configurable in the company settings page.
Each client, can see their balance easily. Bills are available for the user with your company logo and billing details.

flylogs_com Apr 23 at 07:50pm CEST

Today we bring in the requested improvements to the company News system.
The system allows you now to create news and select which user groups can see them.

Also you have the option to request for read receipt signature. The email delivery request has also been improved.

flylogs_com Apr 20 at 12:00am CEST

We have enhanced the student enrollment system allowing you to select a tutor for the student. This tutor, will receive any questions asked by the student.
You can also enter a date by which the training needs to be finished.